Friday 3 October 2014

Featured Designer: Emma from Morse Consulting and Design

The Spring Barn Market is only a week away (October 11th) and we are very excited to announce our first workshop in the Make- It Marquee! Emma from Morse Consulting and Design will be running the workshop and we thought it time we found out a little bit about this talented stylist!

Emma, you have a creative background but what lead you to become an Interior Stylist, specialising in colour and paint selection?
I’ve always been passionate about colour and design, but for years it took a backseat to my studies and work in psychology and counselling. I dreamed of one day combining both somehow. 
While my kids were babies I did a Cert IV in Colour and Design by distance. I adored learning the theory but really missed working with people. When I finished the course a friend asked for help choosing a new colour scheme and it all clicked! I got to help people identify their needs, limitations and resources, and then apply design theory to answer those problems practically. So my dream of combining both passions found its path! I discovered that lots of people feel overwhelmed by choosing colours, or making their house feel like a home, and the work flowed from there. **

A living room corner, styled by Emma.

As an Interior Stylist, you see trends come and go.  What guides you when you are making a purchase for a home you are working with?
My clients are normal families on a budget who want to make the most of what they have. So, I love to hunt down quality pieces that bring character to a space and will stand the test of time. Handmade and locally made are always my preference. Just like clothes, with a good quality, classic base, the occasional on trend accessory is all you need to be cutting edge, yet not wasteful. Also, at the moment trends are so focused on the '70s to '80s, it’s very easy to upcyle and re-purpose.

Emma loves macrame and is running an Introduction to Macrame at the Spring Barn Market. 
When you are working with your clients, where do you draw your inspiration for each design from? 
 My first step with clients is to get a good sense of their style. I get them to show me their favourite object, fabric, or image, and we work from there to build the room, taking into account the things that can’t be changed. I often have to work outside my own style preferences, but it’s so important that a space represents the occupants and tells their story, to create a sense of home for them.

Emma also works with paint selection for building exteriors. 
If you could give one piece of advice to all those people out there who are about to start a decorating project, what would it be?
Start by collecting images of things you love, and try to identify a common theme. Clarify your limitations and budget. And a little bit of professional help goes a long way when it comes to getting a great result.

Can you tell us what we should be doing to freshen up the look of our homes leading into summer and the festive season?

One of the hottest trends at the moment is to bring the indoors out and the outdoors in! Our outdoor areas are becoming more like lounge-rooms, and our indoors are getting a lot greener. Now is also the perfect time to de-clutter, simplify and streamline your space after being inside over winter. Get ready for more entertaining.

Emma Morse, Morse Consulting and Design.
**Emma is also giving away a 1.5 hour home interior colour consultation to one lucky visitor to the Barn Market on Saturday 11th. Entry forms at the Barn Market.

Pop over the say hi to Emma at the Barn Market. 

You could participate in her workshop or contact her on the links below.